• Immune System Support
  • Natural, Human Grade Ingredients
  • Formulated to combat free radicals


Keeping your pet’s immune system strong is crucial in today’s environment. Household toxins, fertilizers, pesticides, and even many of today’s pet foods leave your pet’s immune system susceptible. Regular and even premium brand pet foods can contain toxins, bad bacteria, and “meat by-products” (an industry term for anything other than meat). Other common ingredients are fillers like corn, wheat and barley. These food ingredients and other environmental factors are prime sources for poor health in your pet.


NuVet Plus® is a high-quality supplement that incorporates a precise formula of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and more. NuVet Plus® brings together vital ingredients that perform synergistically to help improve your pet’s health and keep them healthy. This supplement is made using Natural, Human-Grade ingredients that are formulated in an FDA-registered Pharmaceutical Laboratory.


NuVet Plus® K-9 Wafers (90wafers)